Turbo charger rebuild

Turbo charger rebuild

We have launched our Service and Overhaul Centre at GORAI , KALIAKOIR near MIRZAPORE CADET COLLEGE . We have added another TURBO Balancing Facility with Turbo Charger Refurbishing and Remanufacturing LAB. We expertise in Turbo Chargers

of - ABB , NAPIER and European Gas-Turbines such as :-

ABB- TPS-50 , ABB -TPS-57 , NAPIER NA-295 etc...

So , if there is a damaged Turbo charger at any clients sight we will first inspect it at the clients factory premises . If our engineers find that the Turbo charger can be rebuild , we will bring it our facility and do the needful with all necessary spare parts . The basic compononents of the Turbo Charger are

  1. Compressor Wheel
  2. Turbine Wheel
  3. Compressor wheel End-Bushing
  4. Turbine End Bushing
  5. Thrust Washer Bearing
  6. OIL-Control Steel Rings
  7. Sealing O-Rings.

Normally during service hours the bushings and Bearings get worn-out and also the compressor and turbine wheels are getting Oxides and nitrites and carbo deposits. These deposits need to be polished by Sand and Metak Beads blasting procedures.  After sand blasting the weels are separately required to be RE-BALANCED dynamically amd then balanced dynamically by all-together fitted to Shaft.

Our Balancing and Turbo Engineers are expert and we are having Balancing machines and Machining and sand blasting equipments at our Turbo facity in Gorai Kalikoir.

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